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Unit 3 – Lead In

PART 1 – Friday 03/10/2017

1.) Read all tasks first!

2.) Go to „your“ Padlet and delete everything!

3.) Watch the following video:

3.) Choose one of those cities and work on task 1 on page 50 in your English book! Do NOT name some big cities! Write about the city you chose! Do it in your Padlet! Do not forget a title and a picture of your city! Use a new box for every aspect!

4.) Work on task 1b. Do it in your Padlet. Add one textbox for „pros“ and one box for „cons“.

5.) Work on task 1c in your book.

6.) Go to this YouTube playlist and choose two videos from „Seeker Daily“. Watch them and add even more pros and cons to your list.

7.) Find a „real-life“ partner, walk with him/her to his/her computer and discuss your list!

8.) EB, page 50, 2a.

9.) Extra!